The Mission of The Company

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success(Henry Ford)

Agribioenergia was born out of the wish of a young group of farmers to provide prospects and continuity to their farms, developing a local supply chain focused on agroenergies with the aim of creating sustainable energy.

The greatest strength of Agribioenergia is based on its being a cooperative where members work together in a dynamic organization and are, at the same time, workers and businessmen.

Since its establishment, Agribioenergia’s target has been to work with respect to the environment, gradually decreasing the use of dedicated feedstocks and increasing the use of agroindustrial byproducts.
As of today, the plant is supplied with a 60% of agroindustrial byproducts having vegetal and animal origins and with a 40% of dedicated biomasses.

Our Strengths

  • High availability of renewable electrical and thermal energy
  • Clay and fertile fields
  • Company type: 25 specialized farmers
  • Possibility to have wide field rotations on the farmed lands
  • Machines and equipment able to guarantee the best products with less impact on the environment

These are the basic features that guarantee supplies of high quality products, carefully processed, sorted and without impurities.

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